Armstrong has just moved off out of their most useful frontrunners position amidst accusations regarding sexual misconduct and lawsuits

Armstrong has just moved off out of their most useful frontrunners position amidst accusations regarding sexual misconduct and lawsuits

Shows annihilationism, salvation by-law-staying, Sabbatarianism, and this guy can become a member of “the fresh new Goodness household members” (Godhead)

Church of Christ, Forehead Lot, Granville Hedrick, Liberty, MO: Splinter classification one to bankrupt out of the Reorganized Church out-of Jesus Christ out-of Latter-day New orleans saints.

Chapel regarding Christ into Elijah Message, Otto Fetting, Liberty, MO: Splinter class one to broke off the Reorganized Church out of God Christ of Latter day New orleans saints.

Chapel out of Christ toward Elijah Content, Greenwood, MO: 1998 splinter classification out-of Otto Fetting’s selection of an identical term.

Church regarding Cosmic Supply, Hope Troxell, Summer River, CA: Modern, Society, Cosmic Christianity, even more scripture has The book away from Enoch.

Church away from Important Technology, Scottsdale, AZ: Kabbalah, cosmic statutes out-of Divine spark to attain salvation, Goodness is actually All in first.

Church from Freethought: A personal company for atheists that give the brand new potential to own connections, neighborhood service, and you can societal service given by theistic church buildings.

Church off God Evangelistic Organization, David J. Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter category. Denies Trinity, character of your Holy Heart, therefore the real resurrection. Posts Newswatch Journal and you may Newswatch radio and tv applications.

Publishes The latest Herald off Truth publication

Chapel away from Goodness, (Abrahamic Believe), Wenatchee, WA: Adventist group, just as the Bible People organizations; denies the newest Trinity, instructs annihilationism. Posts Cards Having Bible Students publication.

Chapel off God, Around the globe, Gather Ted Armstrong, Tyler, TX: Armstrongism break-from group. Posts the Internationally Information and Twentieth century Observe periodicals.

Church away from Jesus, Seventh-day, Caldwell, ID: Sabbatarianism; notices Sabbath and you can Banquet weeks; baptism very important to salvation (find baptismal regeneration).

Church regarding God (seventh Day) Salem, WV: Rejects this new Trinity; instructs Sabbatarianism; observes Meal months and you may Sabbath; baptism you’ll need for salvation (come across baptismal regeneration). Publishes The latest Advocate out of Knowledge newsletter.

Chapel away from Jesus Christ off Second-date Saints, The newest, Joseph Smith, Sodium Lake City, UT: (Latter-time New orleans saints, LDS, Mormonism) Fundamental human body of Mormonism; comprehends Brigham More youthful since Smith’s successor. Smith advertised that the Dad and you will Young buck did actually your and you may entitled him to replace the actual Chapel. LDS Church instructs one Jesus the father used to be a guy and you will is actually exalted so you’re able to Godhood. God (along with his beautiful Spouse) begat huge amounts of spirit children, new firstborn from just who is actually Goodness. Lucifer try the best choice off God’s rebellious spirit pupils. Those comfort whom don’t break the rules end up being people in check to begin with techniques possibly resulting in exaltation to Godhood. Jesus, yet not, became a jesus when you find yourself merely a heart. The guy structured our world and that’s Jehovah, new Jesus out of Israel. He could be another and you can under God to Elohim, the daddy. A positive change is established amongst the Holy Ghost, who’s a great personage off Spirit, while the Holy Soul. The latter is actually a divine opportunity, force, or religious Ekvador kadД±nlar substance that fulfills the newest market in fact it is employed by most of the about three people in the new Godhead on get it done and you will achievement of their usually. The fresh new Chapel denies the fresh new orthodox doctrine of one’s Trinity. In addition redefines salvation of the grace to refer merely to resurrection. Most humans could well be resurrected into certainly one of three kingdoms of glory, minimum of at which is far far better than things recognized into the which life. Entryway toward large kingdoms, and one’s rank truth be told there, depends just on the latest atonement from Christ, but also through to your an effective work. End of higher potential during the highest kingdom?Godhood?needs done “obedience to all guidelines and you may ordinances of your own gospel.” This new Bible, Book regarding Mormon, Pearl of good Price, and you will Philosophy and you can Covenants all are considered scripture. Publishes Chapel News and you may Ensign journal. Profile offered. Search matter offered.

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